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December 16, 2006

High tide in Tewkesbury

The recent very wet and windy weather has at last lifted and this morning we have enjoyed one of those beautiful still and bright days that go with the early days of winter. The trees are now largely bare - the wind has seen to that - and the heavy rain has swollen the Severn and the Avon. Even the little Swilgate is sprawled over its flood plain. It always fascinates me that the tidal affect in the Severn Estuary is actually felt here, particularly if a High Spring Tide coincides with the flooding of the rivers above us. The rise is seldom more than a foot, but it is enough when the flood is really hight, to push it into some of the lower lying properties.

The Abbey bathed in the winter sunlight is refelcted in the still water of the swollen Swilgate stream.

This morning the bright sun, the absence of the wind and the sheer joy of the crisp clean air, made getting out for a walk and a few pictures a must!

And another tranquil view from the South Eastern end!

And now back to writing my Christmas cards - a task put off for too long which now probably means the bulk of them won't get to the addressee in time!

Posted by The Gray Monk at December 16, 2006 02:01 PM

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Great photos... the Abbey seems to be floating in the water meadows

Posted by: Gorsefox at December 16, 2006 08:14 PM