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December 02, 2006

Another "Stealth" tax .....

I think the latest report on road congestion stinks of corruption. Not only will I have to continue to pay 80% of the price of every litre of fuel in tax to the thieves of the Treasury (and don't forget the VAT!) and the Road Tax to the DVLA (Read the Treasury!) but now I will be required, if this bunch of thieves are allowed to get away with it, to pay, in addition, per mile for using my car! The blythe announcement that this will raise £28 billion "to be spent on improving rail and bus transport" makes me realise that this shower do think the rest of us are completely stupid!

As things stand they spend less than a fifth of the money raised by Road Tax on the roads, the rest vanishes into the Black Hole that is Whitehall's idea of budgetting. This £28 billion will suffer the same fate - and the buss and train service will not improve because it simply can't. These morons live in cities and think that everywhere in the country you can find a bus stop every two hundred yards, that the place is swarming with black cabs and theres a train every twenty minutes. Well there isn't.

Just taking the trip I have had to do over the last couple of days as an example, my journey out took four and quarter hours for the 232 miles, including a stop for comfort and coffee. The journey home took three and a half, but I didn't make any stops. Overnight hotel cost me £61 B&B and the fuel came to £39. Ergo the trip has cost me a little under £180 (if I include an allowance for the running cost of the car!) To do the same journey by rail would have required me to travel into London the day before, stay overnight at a hotel and then travel North. Another night in hotel, then a reverse train journey arriving back at home probably around 11 pm last night. Costing it out I arrive at a figure of a little over £300 all included.

What was particularly noticeable, as I listened to the various political supporters of this cockamamie scheme rabbitting on about the cars causing the congestion, was that the congestion on the motorways was always where there were a group of trucks trying to overtake each other and blocking two, three and, in one case, four traffic lanes! But the trucks are the property of one of the political establishments favourite and most generous slush funders - the Road Hauliers Association. As far as the politicians and the civil servants are concerned, the roads belong to the RHA and not to the motorist - ergo; the motorists (excpet for the politicians and their cronies) must be driven off them (no pun intended) and into inadequate and expensive public transport. This will serve two purposes, both of them dear to the heart of any socialist regime. It will restrict peoples ability to travel and it will increase their control over who travels, where they go and how they are permitted to do so.

It is a well known fact that anyone who is unable to travel outside of a small aea where they work and live, invariably is dependent on his local authority figure for the world view. Which means that we can continue to control people by feeding them lies and fostering envy and greed. Keep the populace tied to their area of origin and don't allow them to check the propaganda for themselves and you have a poplutaion which is easily manipulated by the political classes. This is why the Feudal Barony were so strict on the movement of villeins!

I don't know what the proposed charge for using the roads is likely to be, I am certain that I know who will be hurt by it and it won't be those who can draw a full pension after only ten years of so-called work. It will once againbe those of us who actually live and work in the reality of life outside places like London, those for whom the use of a car is an essential not a luxury. It will be the middle income earner that ends up footing the bill for tthe nice clear roads Blair and his fellow denizens of Whitehall and Westminster want to have for their exclusive use. Damn the lot of them! We have paid for the use of these roads through Road Tax, through exorbitant fuel tax and through our blood sweat and tears! It's time to send the lot of them to Coventry - and to start a letter writing campaign that will bury them in an avalanche of protest!

Time for the resistance to start!

Posted by The Gray Monk at December 2, 2006 08:19 AM

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Amen, amen, amen.

Posted by: Gorsefox at December 2, 2006 03:14 PM

FYI, out here in California we just passed a amendment to the Constitution that all taxes collected from the gas tax must be used to improve or maintain the roads. Out here we are slowing making the government understand the phrase "For the people, by the people" if they won't do what we want we will change the laws so they have to

Posted by: skipjack at December 2, 2006 11:25 PM

The rule here seems, at present, to be - government of the people by the privileged few for the benefit of the privileged few!

Posted by: The Gray Monk at December 4, 2006 02:47 PM

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I think it is disgusting that the government are considering taxing us on every mile we drive. As a carer where will it be paid from.
It is about time for another election.

Posted by: mrs s blake at February 20, 2007 05:30 PM