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November 22, 2006

Is it a bird? Is it a 'plane? No! It's Super Nanny!

If proof were ever needed that the inmates now run this asylum, then this must surely be it. Having spent most of their careers railing against restrictions, "out of date" ideas of parenting, "traditional" family values and - of course - any form of disciplinary action aganist one's children, our Illustrious Leader and his morally bankrupt coterie of "do-gooders" and Social Engineers, now wants to impose on us all, professional training to be good parents. It seems to have escaped this shower of idiots and bigots notice that most of us manage to do a fair job without his or his army of "social workers" interference. The problem lies, in the main, with the group that Labour purport to represent - the out of work, drug addicted and "victim" class.

I live in an area where parenting skills seem to be to scream at your kids, shout at each other and drink or whatever to your hearts content while the kids run amok and wreck everyone elses peace and quiet - so why do I think this is another of Blair's attempts to impose intereference and will not solve anything? Well, three doors from me is a nest occupied by the most notorious family in Gloucestershire. Daily visits by the social workers haven't cured their kids of truancy, nor have the daily visits by the Parole Officer, the Police and a host of other "visitors". Around here the family are known as "Midnight Movers Inc" and what really needs to happen in most people's view is for them to be removed, en bloc, from society permanently.

This Super Nanny idea is just another attempt by the liberal left to impose their world view, based on the discredited ideas of the infamous Doctor Spock, on how to re-engineer society into a supine dependent and obedient mass to be ruled by our new Lord's and Masters. I am prepared to guarantee that as soon as this latest piece of ill considered and ill judged legislation hits the streets than it will be found that there are too many parents from "poor and deprived" backgrounds, to many "ethnic minorities" and too few "white middle class" families being given these orders. The Social Worker army of witch finders will immediately leap into action and round up every white middle class father and mother whose child has received a slap on the backside and bingo - we have met our quota and solved nothing.

The problem of delinquent children is a very complex one, and the parenting is only one part of the whole. We live in a society which seems to have lost its identity. The Scots know who they are, as do the Welsh and the Irish, the English have been stripped of theirs completely after years of being told they aren't English, that they are Geordies, Manunians, Brummies or whatever - anything but "English". Then we also have the problem of a non-mobile workforce. Unlike Europe where the world wars have caused huge migrations in most countries, Britain has not been a particularly mobile population, so there is a fragmentation in which those living in the Tyneside have almost come to regard those living in the Cornish peninsula as foreigners and vice versa. I hate to think what this is doing to the gene pool! Again, mobility is discouraged by the Trade Unions and Labour because it means that, like Fuedal Lords, they cannot control their peasant workers if the little buggers can wander off to pastures new when they want to or need to for work. Much better to keep them tied to structures and locations where they can be brainwashed into victimhood when the going gets tough or the factories close.

The sixties "sit ins" in universities may have come to an end, but the Students Unions, the debating societies and all the training grounds for social engineers and politicians in the making are still there - though now controlled completely by the socialists and the ultra-left. Blair himself was a member of this "class" and so were all his cabinet and most of his MP's. It was at this point that the parenting started to break down as drug use became the "in" thing to do, children could be allowed "freedom" to develop their own "personalities" and anyone who objected was branded "reactionary". Single parenting became the "new" way to be with men an optional extra for sex or fathering a child for the new feminists - many of whom are now in Blair's government and are no doubt behind much of the "child protection" and "parenting" legislation.

The problem of renegade children is a serious one - but imposing Super Nanny and dictating how families will be run and how parents will deal with their children is unlikely to solve the bigger problems in our fragmented and damaged society. This is another of Blair's "smoke and mirrors" quick fixes and it will be as effective as all the rest of his ill considered legislation since 1997. Mark my words, it will result in more broken families, more hardship for parents and more "protection" for renegade children who will still receive no discipline and no guidance on how to be members of a decent society. All it is likely to rpoduce is more witch hunting against those who believe in traditional discipline and traditional family values.

We live in a society which is no longer ruled by moral principles and common sense, we are now ruled by the principles of prejudice - the prejudices of the left dressed up as morality. If you want to see a model for this look no further than some of Lenin's pronouncements against the bourgeoisie or Hitler's rantings about "the Jews" - or even some of that other group of Blair's "heroes" - the Islamic preachers of hate who want to see Israel destroyed. Welcome to the "new" Britain, no longer the home of the "free" on any level.

Posted by The Gray Monk at November 22, 2006 06:24 AM

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