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November 15, 2006


My daughter, The Postulant, recently sent me the story in the extended post below. Having read it I have to say I can agree with just about everything the author of that piece says. It is all very well posturing and declaring our multicultural intentions, credentials and achievements - but its all worthless when dealing with a protagonist who neither recognises the validity of any argument save their own, or wishes to live in harmony and peace with anyone who does not share their own very narrow view.It is one thing to preach that the Lion will lie down with the Lamb - it is another entirely to achieve that happy state, unless the lamb is supper!

This seems to have escaped the notice of all those who continually apologise for the aggression of those who seek to destroy everything in the Western way of life in order to replace it with their 7th Century vision of paradise on earth. According to the current mantra from the Left, if only everyone in the West (particularly those nasty people in the US!) would just learn to be more accomodating, more apologetic for the "evil" that is supposedly caused by our Christian faith in upsetting our loving and friendly Muslim enemies, the world would be filled with peace and harmony. This is the same lame brained thinking that says if you stand with your hands in the air in surrender, your enemies won't take advantage of you. Quite!

I commend to you the following item, it certainly makes you think about the issues.


You’ve probably seen this word spelled out with various religious symbols.

Who can argue with this? Not me, certainly.

What I CAN argue with is the idea that if only enough stupid, warlike Americans would just get on the Coexist train, then the world would be a happy and peaceful garden. Who else are the people with these bumper stickers preaching to, if not their ill-informed, knuckle-dragging neocon fellow commuters?

Unfortunately, here’s where reality inserts its ugly head. There is no more multi-cultural society on earth than the United States. The United States owns the patent on Coexisting religions and ethnicities. Drive half a mile though any major US urban area and you will see more ancient ethnic enemies living cheek by jowl in harmony than any other spot on the planet. Thursday morning water cooler conversations about Dancing with the Stars wallpaper over more ancient ethnic and religious murders than history has been able to record, and this despite Hollywood and the news media’s deepest efforts to remind you on a daily basis that the black or Hispanic or Asian or white friend in the next cube is secretly seething with racial hatred just beneath that placid veneer.

Americans are able to coexist because they have subjugated, if not abandoned, those ancient religious and ethnic hatreds to join a larger family, that larger family being America. And this is why, if you truly value the idea of coexistence, you should be dead set against multi-cultural grievance and identity politics, which do nothing but pit one ethnic group against the others and reinforce, rather than dilute, ancient resentments and grievances.

Now as it turns out, there is one member of the human family that seems to be having a little difficulty with the whole coexist thing. Muslims are at war with Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan, they are fighting Animists in Africa, Hindus in Kashmir, Buddhists in Southeast Asia…they are blowing up nightclubs and schools and police stations and trains and buses and skyscrapers and are under daily orders to kill Jews on sight anywhere in the world.

I don’t mind preaching so much as preaching to the choir. When I see Coexist bumper stickers in Islamabad and Cairo and especially Riyadh to the degree I see them in Venice, California, I will be a happy man. They will make a very welcome sight covering over the Death to the Infidel! stickers that seem to be somewhat outselling Coexist messages in that part of the world. Until then I think we should coexist and carry a big stick.

Posted by The Gray Monk at November 15, 2006 10:04 PM

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