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September 10, 2006


Last week Mausi was able to watch a partial lunar eclipse. She rushed downstairs to fetch her camera and tried to shoot this event although her zoom lens is not powerful enough to get a really good picture. When she had a closer look at the pictures on her computer and was able to enlarge the tiny bright dots on the screen she had a bit of a surprise:

Partial eclipse of the moon - the shadow of the Earth is just visible on the top

There was an interestingly green round object quite close to the moon! Unknown planet? UFO? Alien space station? No, nothing like that. Just a reflection within the camera lens. Sigh! Bit of a catastrophe if you are a professional photograher, of course, but Mausi still thinks the picture looks rather nice. By the way, the little bright dot at seven o'clock is an aeroplane.

What Mausi likes to do with pictures likes these is giving The Gimp a go and see what happens...

060910_moon-lens.jpg   060910_moon-kubism.jpg
--- when adding a few more reflections for good measure or having a go at cubism!

Posted by Mausi at September 10, 2006 10:12 AM

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