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August 09, 2006

World Cats Day

Yesterday was World Cats Day! You haven't noticed? Well, neither did my people. I thought there'd be a party for me and my friends from the village, but no - nothing! But at least they somehow managed to get the weather right again. After weeks of scorching heat we are back to 20 to 25 Celsius which is a blessing. I mean, people can take their clothes off, I cannot do the same with my fur. I got pretty desperate trying to find a cool place in the house to spend the day.

Shady place inside the bookcase

At last I found a place inside the bookcase where I could lie down with my head pressed to the outer wall of the house. But as you can see - having to roll up on those boxes was not the most comfortable position to sleep in.

Sometimes during those weeks I ventured outside in the garden as there is a slim chance of a light breeze blowing through the gazebo. I do love this gazebo with my green striped cushion waiting for me to sleep on. But it got so hot on that cushion hat I - a comfort loving cat - had to sleep on the bare planks!

Trying to find relief outside

If you think that's uncomfortable then you should have a look at those places where some even spend the night. Voluntarily! I found this bumblebee slowing waking up in the early morning sun.


Bumblebee hugging a bit of knapweed

I don't think I'd want to go sleep on something as prickly as that. But the bumblebee didn't seem to mind. Hardy little buggers, aren't they?

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