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August 14, 2006

Where did the summer go ....

The last week has been an interesting one in this neck of the woods, with high winds most days, some scattered rain and a very distinct coolness to the air. There still hasn't been enough rain to wet the garden properly and I have lost most of the plants I so hopefully transplanted in the spring. Even the hedge has not done its usual thing of trying to become a forest. The ground is iron hard (I'm on clay!) and the little rain there is soon disappears into it leaving no discernable change on the surface.

Paddy garden ornament.JPG
Earlier this year Madam Paddycat agreed to pose decoratively against the backdrop of Daffodils.

One of the problems of living on our side of the Severn valley is that we are in the "rain shadow" of the Welsh hills. This means that we tend to get less rain than those round Bishop's Cleeve or Winchcombe and I have often noticed driving across the county to work, just how clearly defined the rain boundaries can be. It can be pouring in one sport, but a mile or so along and there isn't a drop falling. Not that Paddy minds, she prefers the dry and definitely the breeze is cooling through her fur at this season, but it must be getting cooler again, she now wants to keep close during the night - and sometimes that can mean my not being able to lie where I want too!

This has been a strange summer, and now Autumn seems to have arrived early. The summer peaked in early July and it has been getting steadily cooler since then. Our night time temperatures are down below ten degrees Celsius and the wind remains obstinately from the North varying, according to the Abbey windvane, between North-North-West and North East. But still we need rain.

Still, if the Global Warming doom sayers are right, I suppose we can expect a lot more of this!

Posted by The Gray Monk at August 14, 2006 05:50 AM

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