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July 21, 2006

Blood cries out for blood .....

The tragedy unfolding in Lebanon and Israel should concern us all. Now I will declare in advance that I do actually side with the Israelis on this, they have a right to exist as a nation and they are, with all their faults, the only truly democratic country in that entire region. However, there does come a moment when you have to step back and ask yourself how this will end. And for my part, I am pretty sure it will end badly.

If you look at the history of the region it is not a happy one, particularly for the Jews. Since 70AD they have officially not existed as a nation. The British took Palestine off the Ottoman Empire in 1916 -18 and promised the creation of a Jewish homeland, then reneged in 1919 under pressure from the French and the Arab's many sympathisers. In the meantime, in Europe, the seeds were being sown for the holocaust - which the Arabs still deny even occured (check the Arab press on sale in London) - and for the tragedy that would follow Lenin's revolution in Russia and the pograms initiated by Stalin and his cohorts. In the 1940's it was mooted that the Jews should be offered a place in Palestine and certain expectations were raised again. Then came the decision by, surprise, surprise, a Labour Government with distinct Communist leanings, to hand the whole of Palestine to the Arabs who had been declaring their intention to "purge" the country of "decadent Jews". On the eve of the handover the Jews took the only action open to them - they seized the country and, if you care to look it up, declared that never again would they place themselves in a position to be treated as they had been in Europe up to 1945.

Though it is vehemently denied now, the simple truth is that Whitehall and the British establishment were, and I believe still are, anti-semitic, or more correctly, anti-Jew. We have seen a constant stream of legislation to "protect" and "nurture" Islam while attacks on Jewish people, businesses and places of worship are rising steadily - yet there has been nothing done about it and nor will there be. The establishment subscribes to the Guardianista view of the likes of George Galloway and Ken Livingstone who represent the mainstream of the Labour Party on their thinking about Israel and the Jewish people per se. The trouble is that they can always find an excuse for the Palestinian, Hizbollah or Hamas terrorists, but when the Israelis strike back, it is "genocide" or "disproportionate". Even the much quoted Benjamin Netinyahu statement that one Jewish life was worth a thousand Arabs is frankly a misrepresentation - his original utterance, ill adivesd to be sure, was to say that the Jews are outnumbered and therefore their response is necessarily harsher.

As usual, we have the EU ministers "demanding" a ceasefire and "demanding" that Israel withdraw and subject itself to the International community of the UN. Why should they when the UN is little more than a mouthpiece for the Arab League when it comes to Israel. For the Israelis nothing has changed in the last 2,000 years - the world is still against them, despite the platitudes and assurances mouthed by flagrantly anti-Jewish political establishments across Europe and the West. As one Jew I knew was fond of saying, if Moses had turned right instead of left at the Jordan the world would be chummying up to them and kicking the Arabs.

None of this history however, will be resolved by conflict and it is a long way from either side being prepared to take a more reasoned approach. Each time an Arab bomber kills an Israeli the blood cries out for blood and the Israelis will bomb the hell out of some Arab settlement. And so the spiral continues. The real bottom line here is that, until the latest kidnappings, the Israelis were keeping their side of the bargain struck to allow the Palestinians some breathing space. By and large anyway. So you do have to ask yourself why the Palestinian government then allowed one of its "agent" terror groups to kidnap an Israeli soldier and to try to infiltrate the country with malicious intent? And why then did the Lebanese government allow Hizbollah to operate from its territory and strike into Israel? There can only be one reason - both parties hope to provoke a general war involving all their allies. After all, both Hamas and Hizbollah are surrogates of Syria and the Iranian Ayatollahs from whom they receive funding and arms. Is it really realistic to expect the Israelis - who have the intelligence data on this in front of them - to sit back and allow these incursions as Mr Livingstone and Mr Galloway and other left wing anti-Jewish politicians seem to think they should? Is it realistic to think that the Israelis would be prepared to allow terrorists to kidnap their troops and their citizens at will and not respond? Would we simply sit back and let it happen?

Of course not, and it is unrealistic in the extreme to think that the kidnapped soldiers are even still alive - their captors are not in any way men of honour, they are thugs and psychpaths, and they certainly do not operate under the Geneva Convention. Those young soldiers will have been tortured, abused and no doubt beheaded within days of their capture.

So lets see less of the handwringing from Europe and a damned sight more honesty. We murdered six million Jews because it was politically inconvenient to look at and admit what Hitler was up to. That makes us partners in that crime - and even more so in the several million more that Stalin and his henchmen murdered between 1927 and 1945, because that traitor Attlee thought "he was a friend of the workers, a man we can do business with!" It is time to set out a few home truths for the Arab and Muslim world.

  1. The Jewish State has a right to exist.
  2. The further promulgation of the "Blood Libels" by the Arab press should be punishable as an international war crime,
  3. All terrorist organisations living in Palestine or the surrounding states are to be disarmed and brought to trial for murder and wilful prosecution of an illegal campaign of ethnic cleanising by non-governmental forces.
  4. Jerusalem should become an open city, governed by an elected body and protected by forces neutral to all sides until such time as one side or the other can be trusted to police it themselves.
  5. The Knesset may continue to sit in Jerusalem in acknowledgement of the fact that it is the ancient capital of the Jewish nation and will continue to be so.

Europe and other states must acknowledge their bias in this conflict and sit down to act to find a solution instead of being, as they are, a large part of the problem.

Posted by The Gray Monk at July 21, 2006 04:04 PM

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sorry, but i cant agree with u.
the only true and right thing u wrote is:

"Jerusalem should become an open city, governed by an elected body and protected by forces neutral to all sides until such time as one side or the other can be trusted to police it themselves."

But whats that about?

"We murdered six million Jews because it was politically inconvenient to look at and admit what Hitler was up to. That makes us partners in that crime"

are u an 80 year old german nazi?
I dont think so. Why should anybody still be
responsable for that??


i'm not quite shure if i understand everything u say, but i have the feeling, that u r rather pro-jewish.

I got family in palestine and i can tell u, that israel is trying to make it as hard as possible for arabs to just LIVE. I'm not denying holocaust, not at all. All i'm trying to say is, that u cant fight a whole Land with rockets and tanks, only because there are a few militant terror-groups in that or the the other land.
Israel is just overreacting. If there are children throwing stones at israeli tanks, they get shot by israelian rockets.

DO you know how many arabic people are imprisoned in Israel??
How much are 2 israeli soldiers compared to hundreds of arabs?? Seems to be equal!!!!!!!!

By The Way
Who was first in Palestine/Israel the arab or the Jew? I dont know. But everybody knows from the bible that the origin of the jews is not in israel. So how can u compare thousands of years (when todays arabs lived there) with 2000 years of jewish history. And then start saying: Its the land of the jews.BULLSHIT!

Why SHould Israel belong to the jews?
Because of the holocaust???? no!
the three big Religions have their origin in Israel. But as far as i know arabs arent even allowed to go to their religious monuments.
And so on...

The jews Should know better than to supress other people. They should know how it feels to be hated for what u are. To be concentrated or be driven out of their land etc..
But most of palestinians live in jordan, dont they? U think they went out by free will ???

Back in 1950's in Israel there was school only free for jewish people. Arab people didnt have enough money to pay for schools. Thats how Israel guaranteed that the arabs in palestine could never evolute. Thats how u keep ur foe down.

and so on....

last but significent question is:

why should the jews as the only Religion in the world have a STATE??? They arent even an ethnik nation. They come from everywhere...

I think israel has a right to exist.
Cause u cant move all the families out again.
etc. But it will never be peace there until the whole of israel isnt reigned by jews anymore, but by some neutral organisation.

And i dont think all the world is pro islamic,
and is always finding an excuse for what all the terrorgroups do in/to israel.
I rather think its the other way around.
The whole world is pro-jewish. Americas biggest lobby is the jewisch-one, isnt it.
Thats y US put their veto against the un-resolution for israel.

The whole thing in lebanon ha a different backround than just those 2 soldiers. everybody knows. Its all about destroying hezbolla.

U know I also got friends in Haifa and in Tel aviv. They are jews.
They dont even know whtas going on in Gaza.
If u Tell themm stories about what israel does in gaza and how the jewish soldiers react and behave..or about other problems..actually anything not pro-jewish

they tell u:
"stop lying in my house!!!!"

Thats israelian propaganda tv. The same like everywhere. U believe whats on tv...

I dont see the point. If u start war u gotta handle the problems after u finished destroying everything. Just like US in iraq. There was no reason for the war. everybody knew. Now it might even be worse then before it startet.
But US wnts the UN to do something.
Boy thats so gay. I u got into shit, u gotta work ur way out of it.
By the way..
first israel runs up into lebanon and then they want the UN to put soldiers in lebanon to secure the peace-process??? *LOOOOL*

that aint a european problem.

well, enough now.
Was nice having this monologue with u. :)


keep it up



Posted by: hmm at July 21, 2006 04:15 PM

excellent post and I'm Roman Catholic!

Posted by: ratty at July 22, 2006 05:24 AM

Sheg's rather lengthy comment I guess sums up the attitude of a lot of people. In any given war, the press reports will always reflect what the editor and his/her staff wish to convey about the conflict, our own press is a prime example of that, so Sheg's point about the lack of reports in Israeli press about events in Gaza is valid. I would point out however, that one does not have to be an 80 year old Nazi to bear at least some responsibility for the events of the holocaust - Pol Pot got away with a holocaust in Cambodia and Kim il Jong is busy with another in North Korea. Bosnia, Albania, Croatia, Rwanda, Zimbabwe - all of these are happening or have happened with the conivance of our own government's - yet, is it really our responsibility to prevent or resolve them? Perhaps Sheg has a point when he/she asks the question "Why should we be responsible for sorting it out?"

As to the question of why should the Jewish state exist, since it is a religious distinction rather than racial or ethnic? Perhaps it should exist because it is the birth mother of both Christianity and Islam. Perhaps it should exist because in the face of more than two thousand years of attempts to destroy the religion and disperse its adherents - it survives still.

I too have friends on both sides of the conflict, and yes, I am biased towards the Jews, partly because they have had a raw deal, but much more because I detest the charades that have kept this conflict alive for the last sixty years - a charade that feeds the victim mentality and fosters hatred where it should be seeking rapproachment and reconciliation.

Sheg is right, the Israeli nation is a religious concept, its peoples are extremely diverse, but, in common with their neighbours, they are a semitic people at base - and as such, have a right to their own territory.

Posted by: The Gray Monk at July 23, 2006 02:20 PM

It is my understanding that the Labour government partitioned Palestine in 1948 between an Israeli and an Arab zone: they didn't hand over the land to the Arabs.

Posted by: Edward G. Nilges at July 30, 2006 07:00 AM

My history tells me that the original plan was to create the Kingdom of Jordan and a state in present Israel to be named Palestine. The chosen "leaders" were all Arab and the appointed heads of police, military and government were almost entirely Arab. Arab rhetoric in the run up to the partition ran mainly on the lines of "we will drive the Jews into the sea", something not much reported in Britain since the Zionist terror group were seen as the enemy. When it became apparent to the larger Jewish population that Britain was once again about to ditch its promises to them - there was a popular uprising - and the 1948 settlement was, according to my sources more a recognition of the fact that they had made their feelings very plain indeed, rather than what Labour actually proposed. The present West Bank and the Gaza strip are the result of the war launched undeclared by Jordan in 1950-51 which gained them the present West Bank and part of old Jerusalem including the temple mount. The land seized was awarded to the "Palestinian people" by the UN, although, until recently, administered by Jordan and Egypt.

I have discovered that there are always three sides to the truth in history, their side, our side and the truth. And sometimes the truth gets lost in the telling and retelling.

Posted by: The Gray Monk at July 31, 2006 09:50 AM

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