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July 15, 2006

An absence of morality .....

For a government that trumpetted their "squeaky clean" credentials just over 9 years ago as the "new" force in politics, the force that would sweep away forever the sordid wheeling and dealing, bed hopping and dirty tactics that have marked the last fifteen or so years particularly, our wonderful cuddly bunny and completely vacuous PM is now facing being "interviewed" by the police. It is hard not to gloat. It really, really is. Politicians clean up their act? Not until hell itself plunges into the ice age to end all ice ages. Politicians on the Left being "fair" or "even handed"? Check the weather forcasts for Hell! All that is left to really make my day, is a report that Blair has been arrested. I think a bottle of Irish Whiskey - 12 years old when I got it ten years ago - will be just about right for the celebration, even if I have to go out into the highways and byways to find someone to share it with.

This is a government which arrived proclaiming an end to sleaze, and end to the politics of tax and spend, and an end to the politics of "them and us". They failed on all counts right from day one.

This is the government which has introduced a new and insidious form of apartheid which they have termed "affirmative action" or "positive discrimination" and argue that this is "necessary to redress the balance of unfair selection biased in favour of white males". It falls into the same category of meaningless utterance that is categorised as "institutional racism/sexism/genderism." By this measure as long as you are female, sexually alternative or belong to a minoroty group and a religion other than Christianity, it is alright to discriminate in your favour, but not the other way round. The majority no longer rule, it is now about minority rule in every sphere, which we spent nearly forty years fighting and marching against in its original guise of apartheid. The problem with any form of discrimination in any sphere of life is that the balance between "positive" and "negative" discrimination depend entirely on which group you belong to.

This is also the government that has created more peers, apparently on payment of large sums of money (loans rapidly become donations after a few Honours have been handed out!) than any previous government, yet their attempts to stuff the Lords with cronies have failed, all that has happened is they have devalued and brought into disrepute the entire system of Honours. This is also the government which has promised not to raise tax, but has done so by the back door, raising death duty by stealth, fuel tax (and blamed the Tories for the mechanism) income tax by raising the upper thresholds for National Insurance and rewarded themselves with ever larger perks and salaries. They have raided pension funds and turned a problem into a crisis by their greed and they have almost destroyed the armed forces, the police, the justice system, the fire services and - despite huge increases in spending - the NHS. Anyone who still votes Labour after this is living on a planet somewhere with more than one moon in its orbit!

To crown their achievements, we have seen Minister after Minister and Civil Servant after Civil Servant caught with their incompetence showing or with their trousers down in someone elses bed - but we have seen very few of them depart until forced to do so. They have railed against bullying in everything from Industry to the Public Sector, Education and Hospitals, but are the biggest bullies on the block. The worst of the situation is that the media, particularly the BBC is now nothing more than the propaganda outlet for Labour, a point that they are beginning to worry about as more and more bloggers call into question their reporting and the selectivity and biasof their reports - so much so that a blogger has now been threatened by a media group. Visit the blog of one Guido Fawkes to read about this.

As I said, it is difficult not to gloat as the pigeon dung mounts on Blair's head and shoulders, but I shall do my best not to celebrate to wildly when he is finally thrown out of the Office he has now disgraced completely.

Posted by The Gray Monk at July 15, 2006 12:21 PM

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