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July 11, 2006

Airbrushing out history

After reading the news at the weekend, I have had to introduce a new category to my postings on this blog. The item that first got me going was the news that one of Merseysides feminist Labour apologistas has managed to score what must rate as a huge own goal. Her proposal to airbrush out of the City of Liverpool the names of some of the city's traders who made it one of the wealthiest cities in the Empire - because they were slave traders - is about to erase the street made famous by the Beatles. Penny Lane is named after a ship owner whose ships were used in the slave trade, so it is one of the many streets about to get new names if this politically correct nonsense goes ahead.

The point that got me going on this is not that I agree or disagree with what the people who took part in this trade did or did not do, they are a part of our history and these stupid and mean minded attempts to airbrush them from our memory are as moronic as is the mindset that demands that we apologise for everything that some sections of the politically correct pundits don't like. Everything that is from the discovery of vaccines (by testing them on a servant girls son) to the fact that we settled and built infrastructures in parts of the world that didn't want to trade with us. As I discussed with a friend recently, the colonial settlements initially grew out of the fact that having sailed in unseaworthy ships three quarters of the way round the world to trade with someone, getting there to find that he'd attack you and steal everything you had before refusing to give you anything in return was likely to ensure that the next expedition had the force to make the trade swing the other way - and had the means to make sure it didn't happen again!

The real root of this lunacy is the obsession so ably developed and fostered by the liberal left in this country for the last hundred years or so of the "victim" of European aggression and evil Christianity being everyone who was colonised or forced to move out of the stone age. This Victim Culture is even now fostered and nurtured by the PC brigade who see every minority as a "victim" of an oppressive society - and to hell with the truth that they generally chose to become minorities by either moving to that country or by cutting off their particular "culture" in a ghetto of their own creation. It is not our history we should be ashamed of, it is the attempts to rewrite it in the most negative manner possible that should excite our disgust and raise our resistance.

The most damning thing these PC morons always overlook is that it was our sense of morality which brought about the demise of slavery in the West - a Judeo/Christian morality. It was our Royal Navy which brought an end to the slave trade from West Africa and other areas, and it is the very cultures the PC lunatics wish to promote as superior to our own that still practice slavery. Let's see them speak out against that for a change!

Posted by The Gray Monk at July 11, 2006 08:57 AM

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