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May 17, 2006

A little laughter ....

Every now and then a little laughter is a must, and browsing Ozguru's blog is usually a good starting point since Peskie and one or two other members of the family started posting jokes there. The most recent one which has some hidden meanings as well - particularly if you actually look up the hymns listed - is his Hymns for all occssions.

Still on the subject of laughter, Mausi had to go to the Saarland recently and, since she knows I am interested in where things are in relation to other places in Europe, she sent me a map of the route she and her colleagues would be driving. Scrutinising it I noticed that Worms is quite close to the route - in fact it is quite close to several towns I have visited with her and her husband. I have often wondered where it was ever since, as a school boy during a history lesson, the teacher mentioned that one of the major events that shaped the Protestant Reformation was the "Diet of Worms". It was not until the end of the lesson that most of us realised - or she realised and corrected our impression - that she was talking about a sort of conference and not some strange culinary invention to make one holier than thou!

Mausi now says that she will never be able to think of the picturesque little city of Worms again without the image of a whole bunch of Reformers stuffing wriggly things into their mouths ......

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