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March 16, 2006

Where is spring?

I tell you I am getting thoroughly fed up with this winter. It is the middle of March and we still have snow up here in the hills. Oh all right, not as much as on the photo below which was taken a couple of weeks ago but still a bit.


This is I on my personal pathway.

It helps of course to have a personal slave who clears a path for me in the garden so that I can walk around and reach my favourite places without getting my belly wet. But the ground is still frozen and icy cold. My poor paws! Last year we were all sunbathing at this time of the year at temperatures well over 20 degrees Celsius!

Another thing is that I am moulting again. I frequently get told off by my people for generously leaving my hairs around the house. As if I did that on purpose. They are very enthusiastic about combing me every day (I am a European Short Hair, by the way, not a Persian) - you'd think they are trying to pluck an angora rabbit! I mean, they are not the ones that have to go outside in this flimsy fur coat!

The meteorologists tell us it's spring since March 1. Ha - not even the crocuses up here have realised that. Anyway, meteorologists - one day they tell you about global warming, the next they say that that doesn't mean you are not getting real winters anymore. Because this year the clouds gathered up so much humidity over the warm Mediterranean that they shed huge amounts of snow when they met the cold Northern air at the North side of the alps. They also point out that all the water pouring into the Northern seas because of all the ice melting in the arctic is slowing down the Gulf stream that comes down at the English West coast. Watch out there - you might be in for a bit of a cold spell as well. So we have global warming but the winters are getting colder and more severe? I wish the meteorologists could make up their minds. But then I am only a cat, I do not need to understand humans.

The only good thing about going outside for a few minutes is coming back to a warm and cosy place.


Aaaaah - this feels good ....

They tried to tell me that the black thing is a dust cover for a computer screen and not meant for cats. Nice try, folks, but I know it's just the perfect place for a cat to be dormant in ...

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