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March 06, 2006

The Prince has some rights as well .....

Currently the media is full of "leaked" documents supposedly showing that the Prince of Wales is "interfering" in politics. I have two problems with this. Firstly he should be accorded the same "right" to privacy regarding his diaries and his correspondence, particularly this sort of correspondence, as the rest of us. It is a private exchange of views and concerns between him and the appropriate people in the government and not intended for public consumption or to be used to influence the public!

Secondly, the Prince is right to express these concerns, yet, in the eye's of the Press, he is supposed to be a brainless puppet without views or opinions on anything. Given that he and most of the other Royals are on an IQ level beyond most of the media hacks who publish this garbage, I suppose that one motive behind this is an attempt to drag him down to their level - the gutters.

There is also a deeper concern about these leaks per se; namely that they seem to have come from within certain senior Minister's private offices. That suggests that Labour's Black Press team have been busy again, combing through files and looking for things to "leak" in order to distract the morons in Fleet Street from something that would embarass the government. Like the fact that Tessa Jowell's husband is wanted in Italy on bribery charges and Blair's stooges in the Home Office have managed to scupper the Italian prosecutor's case by feeding the papers and evidence to the accused! Their bleating that they "followed procedures" is akin to the famous plea entered at Nuremburg in 1945, that the accused were "following orders". It stinks of Number 10's direct interference and this campaign against the Prince of Wales is, in my mind, being orchestrated by Millbank in order to create a smokescreen.

The Prince's comments to the then Lord Chancellor on the affect of the Human Rights Act upon the uniformed services are right. The fact that this is not yet showing up on the statistics is simply because the majority of people are probably still unaware of the fact that they can use the courts. Many are simply too dependent on their jobs, but if the position changes, as it will in the next few years, the floodgates will be opened and the consequences will be dire, both for business and for the country.

Why did we need the Human Rights Act? After all, it actually reduced the "rights" we previously enjoyed under our unwritten constitution. One does wonder if it was perhaps a piece of wonderful subterfuge to create a niche for the Prime Minister's future, after all, his wife is part of a "Chambers" that specialises in Human Rights cases - and does extremely well out of it.

There is undoubtedly also a Republican agenda in the leaking of the Prince's private papers. One cannot escape the feeling that we are being prepared for a coup d'etat staged by Labour - brief against the Prince, selectively leak papers and run a campaign designed to portray him as "unfit" to be King, then, when the present Sovereign dies, call a loaded referendum and depose him. Far fetched? Probably not as far fetched as some would like to think.

In the meantime, let us have the police look into the source of these leaks since they amount to theft. Let us also see the use of the Human Rights Act to defend the Prince from these insidious attacks and this vile campaign to discredit him. As I said, I suspect that if the police do look at it without any interefernce or "help" from the incompetents in the Civil Service who dance to Labour's tune, I think we will be treated to the spectacle of several key members of Labour's Press Corps being stood in the dock for theft.

One can live in hope!

Posted by The Gray Monk at March 6, 2006 07:40 AM

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