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March 22, 2006

Spring has come - at last

The sun is out every day now, the air has a new quality, even the crocuses have got the message this time and opened up at last.

060320_spring11.jpg Poor little things have barely made it out of the earth this year.

Because I have not been able to guard my garden very well this winter owing to the mountains of snow and the Siberian cold the other cats in the village seem to think they can now come and take a bath in the sunshine on MY patch.

060320_spring01.jpg Look at that cat - strutting through my garden as bold as brass!
060320_spring02.jpg Huh - a trespasser sneaking up along the fence!
060320_spring03.jpg I can wait - surprise is the essence of attack!
060320_spring06.jpg Here we go - belly down so we can pounce on that cheeky sod. He still hasn't seen me ...
060320_spring07.jpg Full speed ahead - Aaatacke!
060320_spring08.jpg And over the fence you go and don't you dare to come back - today!
060320_spring09.jpg Any traces left? No. Good.
060320_spring10.jpg Anyone else wants to have a go?

It's hard a cat's life is!

Posted by Mausi at March 22, 2006 09:57 PM

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