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March 08, 2006

PC Nonsense again .....

The lunatics of the PC Brigade are at it again, this time it is a Nursery School which has been ordered to change the words of the nursery rhyme "Baa, baa, black sheep" to "Baa, baa, Rainbow (!!!!?) sheep ...." It not only doesn't scan but it makes a complete nonsense of the whole thing when they go on to start "qualifying" the rest of it! Apparently the term "Black" sheep is offensive to people of a darker hew. I wonder if they have considered the fact that the Gay Rights movement uses the "Rainbow flag" as it's identity and that the "negative image" of a "Rainbow" Sheep could be offensive to the Gay community? Or maybe that doesn't count?

I am sure I cannot be alone at having severe reservations about the people who spend their lives dreaming up things to take offence at. They seem to be able to see evil in just about anything from children's toys to minstrel shows or even Morris Dancer's with blackened faces. Take a set of photographs of your children or grandchildren in their bathing costumes and you could wind up under investigation by the Thought Police for possible paedophilia. I jest not, it has happened recently to a grandparent and I have no doubt at all that it will not be the last occassion. It makes me ask myself "what is it that these people have lurking in their own minds that makes them see evil in everyone else?"

I suspect that, in the long run, it will become evident that many were in fact covering up their own prejudice or prediliction for some "dark" sexual practice. Unfortunately, in the meantime, they will have demonised many more completely innocent parents and grandparents and further damaged our children's understanding of true morality, decency and responsibility. I do get seriously worried by this constant "moralism" from the PC brigade, much of it based on their own incomprehension of real life - God alone knows where they spent their own childhood, much less whether or not they actually work in any productive industry besides this destructive one of denigrating everything they do not like. In all too many cases the reasons they give for their "moral" judgement on something is based on entirely spurious and frequently self-invented "evidence" of past prejudice or wrong-doing.

My own position and the deep distrust I have for these pedlars of twisted morality arises from a teenage encounter with someone who constantly publically ranted against homosexuals - then tried to seduce and molest a friend of mine. At the time it was all kept under wraps because the person was widely regarded as a "fine upright family man" - who also happened to hold a position of some power - and it was said that there was "no point in causing a scandal!" That was almost forty five years ago now, my friend is now dead - entirely unrelated to the original incident - but the perpetrator is still regarded as a "fine upright man of high moral standing who set high standards of morality for himself and society." I quote his obituary!

The real scandal there is that my friend was not the only boy this "Upstanding Moralist" attempted to molest, in fact there were a string of boys, some less quick witted or on their feet than my friend, but none of them were believed and he got away with it! More importantly for me at any rate, I have encountered a fairly large number of so-called "moralists" over the years whose private lives told a completely different story.

That is the biggest reason I can possibly have for distrusting anyone who sets out to dictate to me or any other member of society a set of "morals" based on their prejudices and supposed "moral code".

Life is not fair, it is tolerable and moral only in so far as society subscribes to sets of personal rules and commonly held taboos. Erode any part of that code and suddenly the whole begins to unravel, that is why we have the highest teenage pregnancy rates, the biggest drug and alcohol abuse problems and a crime wave that is out of control by all the indicators - even the government's own massaged and manipulated statistics! These attempts to twist and warp and manipulate society's beliefs, values and language by a small group of time and space wasters is a large part of the problem.

It really is time the very large majority of level headed and common sense guided people gently led the PC pundits quietly to secure mental hospitals and rid ourselves of their presence. Society will then be a much safer, saner and more pleasant place than it is under the stifling hands of these prejudiced and immoral idiots.

That, or send them off to a planet far away from here! One way trip only.

Posted by The Gray Monk at March 8, 2006 01:04 PM

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It is always scary when the minority makes the 'rules' for the majority. Like a story I heard of a woman who left her husband and children because she married young and needed to 'find herself'. This to me is on the same lines of those who must change baa baa black sheep. People who are not comfortable with themselves and think every one must be the same. It frustrates me but I have not had the opportunity to change it. Somehow these 'laws' or changes seem to happen without my input.

Posted by: vw bug at March 8, 2006 07:11 PM