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March 25, 2006

Islamic view of Christianity and the future of Britain ...

Found this comment from a prominent member of the Islamic community on Dodgeblogium and it certainly made me sit up straight. Here, out in the open, is the vision of the followers of Islam for the future of Britain. I quote from Dr Abdalqadir as-Sufi himself -

Join with good-will, to show your fellow British that we are different and we have a higher religion, itself the completion and cleansing of christianity, and that we bring good news to our country and our future.

The quote is taken from a lengthy piece on his website - and it is worth reading as it is very revealing - urging other Muslims to join the Conservative Party. So, that is the cunning plan, having infiltrated and converted the Labour Party to be a puppet of Islamic thought and turn it against all things Christian, our good solid British Islam followers are now going to do the same to the Conservatives. History repeats itself - this is how Byzantium was overcome in the 12 - 15th Centuries. This - and the concept that all non-Musilims are "Dhimmi" and cannot be allowed to hold positions in authority over Muslims - is how Christianity has been suppressed across the Middle East and in all Muslim countries. Take note Britain, this is where secularism and pandering to the demands of the militant proselytising of Islam will lead this nation all too quickly.

Two rays of hope shine out of this darkness, firstly the revelation that Islamic "Schools" are hotbeds of child abuse, and secondly, the Law Lord's rejection of a high profile case brought by a Muslim girl demanding the right to dictate what was appropriate wear for attendance at school. She demanded the right to wear the full veil and shapeless gown to hide herself from the world, saying that this allowed her to "take back her body and her sex from the malicious eyes of males" and our own beloved PM's wife defended her. The Law Lord's have thankfully seen through the stupidity of their case and rejected it, hopefully paving the way for further reduction of the imposition of other extreme Islamic practices and views being imposed on us all.

I have to say that I found myself agreeing with the Doctor's summation of Blair and his government and of one or two other rather pithier comments on the political state of Britain. I cannot and never will agree with his summation of the West as "unenlightened" and I will certainly never see Islam as being superior in any way to Christianity. Christ was the Word, not the bearer of a word.

I hope that the Conservatives resist the view expressed by the good Doctor, whose name - as-Sufi - should warn of his position in the theological debate, and make a stand for absorption and tolerance rather than the dominant position awarded by their Labour colleagues to these views.

Posted by The Gray Monk at March 25, 2006 05:07 PM

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