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January 17, 2006

Patriotism? Surely not Mr Brown?

It never fails to amaze me that politicians seem to be able to change their beliefs almost as easily as the rest of us change our clothes. The left wing Labour mantra of the last sixty years, that the Union Flag is a "flag of oppression" to be derided and despised, and that patriotism, particularly English patriotism, is the root of all oppression and evil, has been ditched, officially, by no less than the Chancellor of the Exchequer. That he did it in a speech to that most left wing and possibly treasonous group (if you take their support of the "International Brigade" in the Spanish Civil War, defence of Filby and the other "Atomic" spies and espousal of all things Soviet for most of the last Century into account), the Fabian Society.

Some of their precious members must have needed reviving with stiff glasses of whatever is their fashionable tipple at the moment! Patriotism must be rediscovered says Mr Brown! Shock, horror, the vile "P" word, derided by them and their predecessors and mocked as the root of all "institutional -isms" for two generations at least, is now to be promoted as a "good thing"! I'm surprised they didn't need every Intensive Care bed in the country for the heart attacks these champagne socialists will have suffered on hearing this!

According to Mr Brown, the Union Flag must be seen as something that unifies us, something that is quintessentially "British" and marks us out as a "Nation". Considering that he and his party have spent almost sixty years trying to divide us and to promote the idea that the Scottish and the Welsh are somehow superior to the English - who, incidently, are supposed to be happy to cough up loads of tax money to fund their independent Parliament and Assembly while still having their MP's vote on matters "English" - and have, at every turn, tried to prevent anyone flying it from civic buildings - or government ones for that matter. Go North to Scotland and it is never seen - only the Saltire is ever flown there - and across the Welsh border and all one sees is the Green, White and Red Dragon flag of the modern Wales. Never the Union Flag.

But now, a volta face! Our Scottish Chancellor, who refuses to wear a dinner jacket in England, but dresses up for parties in Scotland, now wants the Union Flag to fly at every opportunity. Why? Because, he says, we have to take it back from the British National Party. Because we need a "National" symbol. Because "Patriotism" is essential for our nation to move forward in unity!

Coming from a man and a party that has done more to destroy this nation than any enemy could conceivably have achieved, that is rich! The BNP and their like have been able to highjack our national symbols, the Union Flag and the Cross of St George, precisely because Labour and the rest of their traitorous cronies have refused to allow their legitimate use. For years now, anyone daring to express a patriotic opinion has been immediately branded a "Fascist" or a member of the BNP! The Trades Unions are equally guilty of this, with open declarations by one union, that "patriotism" is equal to apartheid!

Still, it shows that there might be hope for this nation and this country after all. Coming in a week when we have heard Mr Blair admit to smacking his children and have had a report published which rubbishes the Politically Correct movement, we may just be seeing the pendulum stalling at the end of its swing to the extreme left. I just hope that it now swings back fast enough to decapitate all those who have promoted PC, multiculturalism and all the rest of the Anti-British (read Anti-English) claptrap Blair and his party stand for.

We live in hope!

Posted by The Gray Monk at January 17, 2006 11:32 PM

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