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November 08, 2005

Pigeons and other droppings ....

The government is obviously very embarrassed by the publication of our former Ambassador to the US's biography on his time serving Mr Blair. If not, they should be. As usual, we have all the top Civil Servants covering their rear ends and howling about "confidentiality" and "impartiality" but, frankly, they are as much a party to the mess the country is in, as Blair is. And the sooner it all comes out into the open the better.

What is particularly silly about the Civil Service's bleating on this is that the Ambassador did take the usual steps and sent a copy to the Cabinet Office for approval to publish - and the Senior Civil Servant himself passed it for publication! Are they now saying he didn't read it first?

The whole system is rotten to the core with nepotism and cronism. Everyone in the system is dependent on the guy above him giving him (or her!) a hand up the ladder. Keep their noses clean and no matter what the electorate thinks, they all move up the chain and impose more and more nonsense upon the populace. Let's face it, the revelations in the Ambassador's book are almost a side show to the latest ruling from the Inland Revenue on their arrogant and completely avoidable error! They now want to claw back the £4 billion they overpaid to recipients of Mr Brown's overly complicated system of "Tax Credits" - something unnecessary that replaced Child Allowances and Family or Married Persons allowances - with the result that many are now genuinely in hardship - because the Civil Service has screwed up and refuses to use common sense. Worse, they have also ruled that while British Citizens are liable for repaying this, immigrants wrongly paid it - and overpaid it - don't have to pay back a single penny, because this would be discriminatory!

It gets even better when the Home Office writes to a Victim Support Group who organise a Carol Service in St Martin's in the Fields and order them to arrange another venue because the Carol Service in a Church is "too Christian". The Tax Office (Inland Revenue) is also at it, ordering employees not to donate gifts to a charity that distributes these at Christmas to needy children - because the Charity is "too Christian". Even better, when called to explain this, their Great Panjandrum pronounces that "it was the Trade Union" that requested this! Really? And just how many moons circle the planet he inhabits I wonder?

How can a Carol Service be anything other than Christian? Don't these morons realise that no other Faith sings Christian Christmas carols? Perhaps that is the problem, they simply have no understanding of any religion other than their own invention - the Great Guru of Whitehall, All Seeing, All Powerful and All Pratt!

Mr Blair and his cronies now stand exposed to the criticism of someone close to the centre in their early years of power, someone who knows what they have screwed up. One thing is very plain, since this government took power it has increased direct interference in the private lives of every individual without any thought to the consequences. At every turn they play the fear or the safety fear card - another example of bankrupt arguments from this mornings news - a Minister and "Child Protection" campaigner arguing that if parents were to be told whenever their teenage daughters had abortions it would result in deaths, injuries and "back street" abortions. The same tired argument they used twenty or more years ago to allow doctors to hand out the Pill to pre-teens.

Parents control is increasingly undermined and brushed aside - look no further than Norfolk where the Social Workers have decided that a couple are "not intelligent enough" to have children - and the rights of children are regarded as more important than those of the people whose lives these irresponsible and morally deficient garbage mongers are destroying. It is their efforts which have now undermined every "value" on which our society is based, the have torn apart the very fabric of the family, deprived parents of any control over their offspring and they have the effrontery to be amazed when youth crime goes through the roof, teenage pregnancy keeps rising and parents simply give up even trying to control their offspring. Attempting to do so is likely to land you in a "Family Court" charged with abuse and tried on the flimsiest evidence by a bunch of Social Services Gauleiters and their poodle judges.

These "Family Courts" are a blot on the democratic traditions and on our legal system, wide open to abuse, manipulation and secretive in the extreme, anyone charged in one may as well take the advice over the door to Hell - "Abandon hope all ye who enter here"! You certainly will not find justice in one, nor will you find truth - especially if it is a Social Worker giving evidence against a parent! These courts are not subject to public scrutiny - "in the interests of the children" - and their proceedings fly entirely in the face of the precepts of justice. But don't expect Blair or any other of the denizens of Westminster or Whitehall to change them.

As the society in which we live becomes less and less "free", as Whitehall's tentacles reach deeper and deeper into all our personal and private lives, we need to worry about the future of this country and its people. We need to take heed of the rather dire purview of the present Astronomer Royal in his book, "The Final Century", and we need to think very carefully about where we are headed. Westminster and Whitehall are spiritually bankrupt, and in my book, that makes them morally deficient as well. While I would never wish to see a return to government by the likes of Cromwell and his Presbyters, or by fundamentalist religious people of any religion, I do expect the government to leave my Faith and my personal morality alone.

I suspect that the riots in France will be used as an excuse to impose more of this "secularist" garbage upon us, that it will be seen as another "frightener" in order to drive yet more Political Correctness on us and impose more restrictions on Christian worship, preaching and freedom - while handing out extra "freedoms" to attack Christianity to Islamists, Atheists and anyone else with an axe to grind.

Perhaps it is time to take the advice on the Bumper Sticker I saw in the US - "Beam me up Enterprise, there's no intelligent life here!"

Posted by The Gray Monk at November 8, 2005 05:38 PM

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