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October 19, 2005

Having fun with one's people

Here I am, Mausi the black and white moggie, living with quite a nice couple of humans at the foot of the Taunus mountains. I am a good hunter and like to put the food I bring home on display rather than just dump it onto the doormat as you can see on the photo.

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This is me sitting behind Herbert the gargoyle's tub which makes splendid cover for pouncing on stupid birds or our neighbour's toy poodle.

Some days, though, I try to have bit of fun ...

I came home one morning after a night's hunt and She opened the door for me. (They won't let me have a cat flap, can't imagine why.) I had a living shrew in my mouth with the tail dangling down from between my teeth which She didn't notice, sleepy as she was. I put down the shrew on the living room floor and shepherded her gently behind the bookshelves before She could do anything about it. Then I sat down to watch the fun. I was not to be disappointed. Further reinforcements were speedily called to Her assistance. When He entered the living room they started moving the first two smaller bookshelves away from the wall which only prompted the shrew to hide behind the third one, a really big one with hundreds of books in it. There was no way to move that one, they had to take out every single book first. Lovely sight to watch! Piles of books were soon cluttering the floor. When I saw them lying flat on the floor in their pyjamas trying to shoo the shrew into a little cardboard box I couldn't keep a straight face any longer and had to go to the kitchen for a spot of breakfast. From the kitchen door I watched them releasing the shrew into the garden. I couldn't have cared less - can't stomach those silly little buggers anyway!

Posted by Mausi at October 19, 2005 09:16 PM

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I do wish we could have seen her face when she realized. Be nice to your people, but give the poodle what for. :)

Posted by: Laughing Wolf at October 20, 2005 01:31 AM