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August 08, 2005


Interesting are the reports today that the government, in the form of the Attorney General, is considering charging our resident Muslim extremist clerics with treason. This could well be a case of far too little and far, far too late! Ever since the late 1970's - in fact, probably much earlier than that if you count the activities of Blair, Hain, and their cronies whilst at university - various governments of these isles have tolerated and given shelter to wanted criminals and terrorists and allowed them to continue their despicable activities - as long as they didn't target the UK.

This present government has blood on its hands, and not just the blood of Iraq or Afghanistan. They must also accept the bloodshed in Africa in long drawn out terrorist wars there, in Israel where they have long sided with the likes of Hamas, Black Spetember, and the PLO, and in South America where our Foreign Secretary spent some of his time providing "comfort" and support to rebel groups there. In Northern Ireland, our Secretary of State is a vindictive and nasty little-minded man whose main interest is to sell out the Northern Irish Unionists to the Republican Sinn Fein - because he and his boss, the Illustrious Tony the Crony-maker - feel that appeasing the IRA is more important than the majority wishes of the people. Never mind that such appeasement encourages other groups, such as the UK Jihad mob, to think they too can pull off a coup d' etat in return for their bombs and bullets.

Well, as the saying is, if you sow the wind, you must also reap the whirlwind. Especially since the early 1990's the increasingly anti-Christian, anti-Western, and anti-Jewish rantings of the militant Islamic preachers our government has given shelter to, have been winning converts to the campaign to overthrow the "decadent" and non-Muslim West. And we the taxpayers have been paying for it in the form of housing, handouts, cars, health services, and constant appeasement of these vicious killers in our midst. Suddenly we, the British people, and our American cousins, are responsible for all the oppression in Muslim countries around the world. Suddenly we are to blame for Saddam Hussain, Ayatollah Khoumeini, and every other dictator who has risen to power in a Muslim state and then murdered and oppressed his own people.

And when we defend ourselves against these psychopaths? It is a war on Islam!

Well, let's see the government bring on the treason trials. Start with George Galloway, and let's include the army of lawyers who make a fortune from their activities for organisations like "Liberty" who abuse the law to frustrate our defence. Let us also do something about the people who have created - as the Daily Telegraph columnist points out - a "new" form of apartheid in their "multi-culturalist" mumbo-jumbo and their twisted vision of society which has actually aided the terrorist grwoth in our midst by promoting separatist enclaves and the idea that some sort of disadvantage attaches to certain groups.

If treason abounds, it starts in Whitehall and in the very heart of the politicians who promote these myths for their own purposes.

Come to that, why bother with reviving the concept of treason? If these cretins want to live in Islamist States, let us revive the even earlier concept of law - exile them to an Islamist State and let them "enjoy" the fruits of living in one! Why should we continue to pay for the "rights" and comforts of people who wish to deprive us of our rights, privileges, and heritage? Even if found guilty, "life" sentences in this country do not mean "life" and they certainly won't stop the poison.

Exile the lot of them, and bring back a capital charge for any act of terror committed in this country for those who perform it and those who promote and support it.

Posted by The Gray Monk at August 8, 2005 02:01 PM