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August 12, 2005

The secret heart of the EU exposed

Reading a blog published by a Euro MEP, I thought it might be worth an entry here, since it exposes where Blair and his coterie of closet communists are trying to go. According to Ashley Mote MEP, the real fight over the EU "constitution" was about whether or not it would be the French "vision" of a "social" Europe.

The real issue here is that Brussels is now so stuffed with Apparatchiks who believe that free enterprise and freedom of choice is evil and only they know how we should all live, what we should all eat, drink and how we should have or even who should have access to it, is something that should give us all warning of the things to come. Brussels is most unlikely to give up on trying to get in place a constitution which will allow them to make even more draconian and dictatorial regulations with which to strangle enterprise. The vision of a "social" Utopian Europe is one to which they are far to strongly committed. Perhaps "committed" is the wrong word, perhaps we should say, beholden - as their very existence in such droves becomes suspect if the "social" element is removed.

To quote Mr Mote, commenting on the current EU President of the Commission, Mr Jose Manuel Borrosso's efforts to create an "Enterprise Europe":

"But the truth is - and he knows it - the incumbent bureaucracy is too strong, too deep-rooted, and too committed to a social Europe. They know, and he knows, that they will still be there long after he is gone."

Therein lies the problem for all elected governments faced with entrenched bureaucracies - the bureaucrats are unelected, unaccountable, and unremovable! Mr Mote quotes a very informative letter written by a former civil servant who was in on the creation of the Brussels Bureaucracy, and I make no apology for repeating it here!

"Peter Le Cheminant wrote to The Daily Telegraph at the beginning of June 2005.

He said: “As a young and junior civil servant I had a ringside seat at the birth of the EEC. France and Germany had senior civil servants of high calibre with no small opinion of their own abilities. Both [countries] had lost a war, as they saw it, through the stupidity of their political masters.

“Small wonder then that they should have devised structures that gave real power to themselves, and minimised the roles of the member states. Their underlying doctrine was that democracy was all very well, but only officials were intelligent enough to control the levers of power.”

That last line says it all! That is what lies at the very heart of the problem with Brussels and the EU, but worse, it is the problem that lies at the very heart of the burgeoning bureaucracy in Whitehall - democracy is to all intents and purposes dead - the power rests entirely in the hands of the faceless wonders of the civil service - who have now got themselves so entrenched that it will take a civil war to remove them.

I sincerely hope that we will not need to go that far!

Posted by The Gray Monk at August 12, 2005 10:20 AM