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July 01, 2004

Return to normality?

The Monk has just finished a really high-stress and frenetic three days - running a Symposium for Fire Investigators! He has survived and notes with interest that Church Mouse has done some work keeping things going! Nope, the Monk does not have the problem of that Japanese Monk - and gave up on hair shirts, flagellation, and all those other "improving" regimes years ago!

All in all, I reckon Church Mouse has done well and earned the extra cheese as promised!

As for returning to normality - you must be joking. I have come back to a pile of work, a full slate of classes for the next three weeks, and four "must have this yesterday" business enquiries. A "sickie" is beginning to look like a good option - only problem is it won't solve anything. So, to work, to work!

Posted by The Gray Monk at July 1, 2004 02:09 PM