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July 19, 2004

Another day, another desperate "initiative".

Sometimes you wonder about leopards. The usual variety as found in Africa generally are pretty solitary, hunt very efficiently - baboons are a favourite food, and have superb camouflage (buff and tawny colouring with large black "rosettes") which allows them to blend into their surroundings. This frequently means lying in wait along the branch of a tree which gives them a view of the country for a considerable distance around. It is said in Africa that the leopard can do many things: take a baby from its mother's side, take the kid from the goat, and the gemsbok from the middle of the herd. The one thing it cannot do is change its spots or its nature.

The current incumbent of the DezRes in Downing Street seems to be trying to say he has broken the mould on that. He is renouncing the mantra of his lifetime; he has admitted that the 60's generation got it wrong. Not him or his cronies mark you; but everyone else from the 60's.

Well thank you very much, Tone, but I will not accept that from you or any of your fellow long-haired, pot-smoking, lesson-boycotting, placard-waving wreckers. It is you and your coterie of cronies and their sycophants who have introduced the laws which ensure that parenting is sloppy - too many social workers interfering in normal families; it is you who has presided over and encouraged the extension of "rights" without responsibility; it is you who has systematically destroyed the link between justice and punishment; it is you and your cronies who have stripped us of our right to defend ourselves, to punish the wrongdoer; it is you who has promoted the rights of cultures which nurture crime and violence. Don't try and blame those of us who have been saying this is wrong all along; it is you and your privileged cronies who have created this situation, and now you want to blame us?

Nice try, but it won't work.

It is true that the "60's values" have wrecked our society. It is the "60's values" supporters who have undermined the police, perverted the justice system so that no one dares to defend their property, and many are even afraid to defend their own lives. It is this useless cretin and his coterie of left-wing "liberals" who have made the pursuit of justice by decent law-abiding citizens a complete and utter farce. And now he wants us to believe he's going to reverse it? Don't make me laugh! This is not a laughing matter!

This fool and his equally stupid and greedy companions have a vested interest in making sure that this decline continues. They have signed up to the most damaging and ridiculous piece of legislation on our statute books - The Human Rights Act - and then got rich on "protecting" the criminal fraternity and pursuing the householders and property owners who have dared to defend themselves and their property - particularly if it resulted in injury to the criminal. Does anyone really think this lot will put things right? No chance!

Since this shower came to power they have systematically set out to destroy decency, to destroy the heritage of everything "English" (the Chancellor still goes to major City dinner's [usual dress white bow tie, tailcoat and trimmings] in a scruffy lounge suit), they have branded "elitist" anything in uniform or with a tradition which they deem "exclusive", and have now set in train the destruction of the fire service and the dumbing down of everything else. This is the collection of cretins whose sycophantic poodles in the Commons and the Lords recently tried to ram through legislation to outlaw smacking a disobedient and wilful child to bring that child under control - as usual, spouting the discredited psychobabble of Dr Spock and the troop of morons who made undeserved names out of expanding his cockamamie ideas, and this is the group who have downgraded cannabis use in the face of medical evidence which shows a clear link to clinical depression and schizophrenia!

The family has been destroyed as a unit - the first act of the Chancellor was to remove the Married Couples allowance and throw the money he made out of that at the Labour Party's layabout electorate - the single parents, the feckless "partners" who abandon their children at the change of the season. Instead they have promoted single parenthood, "women's rights" (read: the right to do as they please, walk out on husbands, families, claim benefit, and demand preferential treatment and "equality" in jobs and everywhere else while at the same time having the exclusive right to form exclusive "support" groups.), children's rights, criminal rights, animal rights - any damned thing as a "right" as long as it doesn't include self defence, marriage, or the right to enjoy one's income, property, or freedom of speech! Traditions? Destroy them.! National pride? Decry it! Mediocrity? Laud it to the skies! This is the Party which has promoted "minority" rights over the majority, has ignored and denigrated history and the advice of far wiser counsel than they have between them, and now they presume to tell us that THEY will put it all right!

Some chance. Watch this space - it is likely that the new rules will further curtail the freedom of the law abiding individual, provide an even bigger "bounty" to the Human Rights lawyers, and make the situation ten times worse. Oh, and of course, it will provide jobs for at least another ten thousand useless penpushing bureaucrats.

Has the leopard changed his spots? Can the leopard change his nature? No way; this is just the latest in a series of desperate "initiatives" intended to shore up support for our Illustrious Leader and let him win another term in office. God help us if he does. Nothing and no one will be safe!

Posted by The Gray Monk at July 19, 2004 10:31 PM