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January 15, 2004

It's Friday again!

Another week gone and I am even further behind with my task list! Oh well, I have achieved some things at any rate and my students have gone home reasonably happy. Browsing through some of my favourite Blogs, I see comments on a wide range of issues, including the latest on "top up fees" for students. An Englishman's Castle has a couple of interesting items for our consideration, including one entitled One for White Rose which is worth some more thought.

Meanwhile, over at On the third hand, Kathy has drawn attention to a creative solution to the simple demographic problem facing Israel. Virtual Citizenship. As the only democratic state in the middle East, Israel should be able to expect more sympathy from the West, instead of the constant carping. In an article posted earlier, Kathy also points to the Palestinian Authorities absurd orders to the Arab Press and their measures for enforcement.

As ever, Susie over at Practical Penumbra, has managed to get me chortling ( a frightening sound/sight apparently for the cat, who has left the room in a huff! I note that Ozguru has linked to this as well, but its worth repeating! In a blast from my past, he has also posted a picture of a VW 412 Estate! Mine was a nice sky blue, but it was a very good car. The one and only automatic transmission I have ever owned. Odd looking it may be now, but it was comfortable, reliable and reasonably economical as well. It also had one heck of a luggage area!

Over on Bear Left on Unnamed Road, Ron has as usual some thought provoking stuff under the titles of "the Grass isn't always greener" and "Visiting Sins of a son upon his father". I think I can identify with him on this, I can still blush at some of the more lunatic things I can be judged guilty of - but not the Playdoh!

And then there is Cynical Cyn and her Random Fact. This one being of a nautical bent, I enjoyed it, and it happens to be true (for the Royal Navy anyway!).

And finally, it having been another tough week, I must, as Samuel Pepys put it, "to bed". Tomorrow, I had better get my head around a sermon for Sunday night - and I better do it early, I have to help out the Vergers tomorrow afternoon! As the Rev Mike's banner says - it could be on the Bartian principle of Bible in one hand a newspaper in the other. I like that concept, we'll see what tomorrow brings by way of inspiration!

Posted by The Gray Monk at January 15, 2004 10:41 PM


hey what is Samuel Pepys web site? I have lost it after a system crash

Posted by: Matthew at January 19, 2004 02:37 AM