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December 05, 2003

Tempus fugit ...

I find myself without a great deal of time to do a blog today. I have a visit to look forward to from my eldest daughter and her partner, driving up from Canterbury, and beds to change etc. The cat has just reminded me its lunchtime and I have food to prepare, she wants attention and the phone has just gone - work wanting information only I can apparently provide. This is the third call today, can't it wait 'til Monday? Apparently not.

Just time then to mention a few items I have gleaned in passing, such as an amusing advertising take on shaving at Kingsley's site. Apparently Gillette are trying to sell a new twin blade razor "that can be used in still water" on "infrequently shaved beards". As a life-long user of a flat, double edged "safety" razor, I for one would not be persuaded to change.

Some interesting comments have been added to the post on All agitprop, all the time on the subject of the French Navies difficulties with their nuclear carrier FS Charles de Gaulle are worth looking at as well.

Bear left on unnamed road provides some serious science for the mathematically inclined. It seems to have cost a lot to come up with a fairly obvious solution to a question perhaps best answered by observation!

And finally, trust the British, and thanks to Cynicalcyn for this last piece of amusement. Cyn informs us that the oldest fossilized male has been found by British paleantologists. It must be something that I, a resident in the UK, have to learn of this from an American blog, who got it from an American newspaper. The news here has ignored it - focussing instead on those living fossils that occupy Westminster and Whitehall.

Ce la vie! As the French would say.

Given that scientists are also predicting that the world will be without genetic males in around 125,000 years, apparently because the male Y Chromosome is unable to repair or renew itself, I'd say we'll all be interesting fossils before to much longer!

Well, guess I won't be around to see it either.

Posted by The Gray Monk at December 5, 2003 02:26 PM