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December 08, 2003

Interruption of normal service ...

Well gentle reader, this is it until Saturday - I have to be up at 0345, in order to get to where I am to be collected by a taxi, to go to Heathrow in order to catch a flight to Poznan at 0915.

To where? Poznan, Poland, about 200 miles West of Warsaw and I gather colder than Siberia. The thermals have disintegrated through lack of use and so I shall be making other arrangements - or not venturing outside! It promises to be an interesting conference with a wide slate of speakers from a number of countries mainly in Northern and Eastern Europe. Subject? Fire investigation. Not a bundle of fun if you have to go out and do it in sub-zero temperatures, but, hey! It's a living and I will confess that I get a real buzz from getting it right. Especially if it's been done to hide a more serious crime.

Anyway, more of that when I get back. For now, take care in the snow for the thermally challenged snow belters, slip, slap, slop for you sun bathing beauts down under and move over Ivan, I need that heater!

Posted by The Gray Monk at December 8, 2003 11:35 PM


Should that have ended with 'move over Ivan, I-vant (I want) that heater :-) Have a safe trip.

Posted by: Ozguru at December 9, 2003 01:03 AM

good luck. It shouldn't be to cold. It's close to the same lat as London. I had to spend 3 weeks in Febuary in a little town called Harstad, Norway which is 68 degrees north. It was probley the coldest I have ever been.

Posted by: Matthew at December 11, 2003 08:35 AM

It may be close to the London latitude, but it doesn't have the Gulf Stream and it does have a "Continental" climate. Temperature was around 4*C during the day and dropped sharply Friday to below zero when it started to snow. Still, I acclimatised fairly well!

And Ivan said "Nyet!!!!"

Posted by: The Gray Monk at December 14, 2003 10:41 PM