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December 04, 2003

Back to work ......

My annual leave is rapidly coming to an end. I look back and wonder where it went, I seem to have spent most of it pottering about the house, doing odd things and a couple of day trips. Oh yes, I also marked a pile of students projects for Higher National Certificate or Diploma submissions, prepared a presentation I have to give in Poland next week and had the loft insulated. Come to think of it, I'm going back to work for a rest!

At least I have managed to sort out a range of things that I have just not had time to tackle in the last year or so. Pity the garden is now a mess, because the very dry autumn meant that the grass didn't grow, so I mothballed the lawnmower and, having done a tidy up of the flower beds, etc., just left it. Then the rains came - and the weather warmed up. Now the grass is growing, the weeds flourish and the leaves are everywhere! But now its too cold and wet to deal with it! Must be global warming to blame ......

Even the cat has given up on outdoors. She asks for the door to be opened, then gives me a filthy look and stalks off to find somewhere out of the draft. Ah well, next week I am back to the normal grindstone for one day and then to Poland for the rest of the week. The cat sitter will have to convince her its not all my fault. I keep telling her I only work to keep us both fed and warm.


Posted by The Gray Monk at December 4, 2003 06:34 PM